Stage 2

Books and links for Stage 2

Aboriginal Art online

Albert, T. (2008). Indigenous sporting greats. Australia: Rigby/Pearson Education.

Morgan Sally (2011). My country (Freemantle Press) AC -Community and Remembrance

Russell, Elaine, (2005). The shack that dad built. Surry Hills, N.S.W: Little Hare Books. Year 3: Community and Remembrance

Bangabaoui: Aboriginal cultural harbour cruise

Burgess, C. and Myers, J (2005). Performing Arts. McGraw-Hill

Griffths, A. (2011). The Naked Boy and the Crocodile. Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Marsden, J & Tan, S (2000). The rabbits. Melbourne: Lothian Books. (good for first contact)

National Museum of Australia and Rigby (2008). First Australians: plenty stories. Rigby/Pearson Education. (This includes: Indigenous Sporting Greats; Keeping strong through art; Keeping language Alive, Kaisiana’s Journey to Torres Strait; Fighting for Rights etc.)

Biographies (recounts/Life Histories eg. English or COGS, Being Australian) : Neville Bonner; Linda Burney…Mum Shirl

Interactive Time Line

Yulunga*: Traditional Indigenous Games > (Download PDF)
© Australian Sports Commission 2009
Content by Ken Edwards, with assistance by Troy Meston, Illustrations by Glenn Robey, Produced by Australian Sports Commission Publishing staff

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