Stage 3

Books and links for Stage 3

Stolen Generations

Australian Broadcasting Commission (2008). BTN: Stolen Generations.

Paul Keating’s Redfern Park Speech (1993).

Kevin Rudd Sorry Speech

Australia Says Sorry to Stolen Generation

Willams, ET. & Wingfield E.W. (2000). Down the hole, up the tree, across the sandhills running from the state and Daisy Bates. Alice Springs: Jukurrpa Books. [Stolen Generations]

Saffioti, T. and MacDonald N. (2011). Stolen Girl.  Magabala Books

Albert, Trish, Fighting for rights (Plenty stories)

Australian Electoral Commission, History of the Indigenous vote.

Auslit is the resource for Australian literature. There are over 1000 Indigenous writers and storytellers listed on this site.

Bush Mechanics Game

Garimara Pilkington, D. (2006). Home to Mother. Brisbane: The University of Queensland Press  {good readers]

Strong, Dellene, Focus On Indigenous art across the curriculum (ages 9-12)

Thompson Liz, (2008). Turtle Dreaming. Rigby

Tucker, A (1994). Too many Captain Cooks. Norwood, South Australia: Omnibus Books.

Tucker, A. (1998). Side by side. Omnibus books.

For the bright sparks in years 5/6:

ABC: background to the Mabo decision

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