About Darug People

Here is a list of some excellent general resources about the Darug people including books and links:

  • Australian Children’s Television Foundation and Education Services Australia (2013).  My Place for teachers. [WHO WERE WILLIAM DAWES AND PATYEGARANG?] 
  • DET Curriculum support (2009). Campfire.  [STORIES FROM AUNTY EDNA WATSON]
  • Harrison, N. and Murray, B. (2012). Reflective teaching practice in a Darug classroom: How teachers can build relationships with an Aboriginal community outside the school. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 41(2), 139-145.
  • Kohen, J. L. (2010). Aboriginal families and clans of the Sydney regionSydney: Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation.
  • Kohen, J.L. (2009). The Aborigines of Western SydneyDarug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation, Blacktown.
  • Kohen, J.L. (2009). Daruganora: Darug country – the place and the peopleRevised Edition. Two volumes. Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation, Blacktown.

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